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© Thomas Blasche

© Thomas Blasche

Dipl. oec. troph. Andrea Huber-Juerss

Nutritional Scientist and Lifestyle Coach

For over 30 years I am a “food influencer“ for human and planetary health, a consultant and speaker working with the pioneers of integrative medicine and fasting, promoting a wholefood, mainly plant based diet adapted to individual needs.

As a passionate supporter for organic farming and a sustainable, fair, cruelty-free and chemical-free food chain I love to  work with and for changemakers and companies in this field with my company idealeat GmbH.

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My mission

Together we create a new, value-able NORMAL – natural habits with nutrition as medicine in order to save human and planetary health.

Help for all generations
Nourishment for heart and brain
Help for every budget
Reconnecting with the wonders of nature
Creating healthy habits

Real people. Real results.

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“Humans learn best from humans“

Courses, Seminars

Affiliate Partners, Collaborations

Inspiring projects, Sponsors


Courses, Seminars

The goal of my courses is to involve you and your children in transforming your nutritional environment – to show you your potential and your power to empower.

“Tell me and I forget,
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn“

Benjamin Franklin
  • Online Courses with focus on practice – for all generations
  • Live Events with fellow speakers and healers
  • Seminars for your family, school, company or
  •  Create your Recipes

During the course or seminar, we will focus on your awareness for your amazing body to experience the change of energy, mood, fitness, taste, craving and mental clarity, depending on what, how and when you eat.Then invite your family, friends, clients, patients, employes, guests – gift them ingredients and show them how to use them – I provide you with videos and recipe cards. This is how we change habits.

Idealeat combines modern science with ancient wisdom.


Affiliate Partners, Collaborations

Working with affiliate partners  helps me to
  • support companies that make a difference
  • help you to have first hand information about products and  their health benefits in nutrition
  • fund my free videos as well my charity work for the young generation


With influencers in social media, speakers, health spas, restaurants, companies, clinics, health professionals, chefs  – to put into practice the changes we need for new values of nutrition: in public health, agriculture, politics, psychology, sociology, culture, ecology, healing and spirituality- with enthusiasm and  with cooks that love what they are doing.


Inspiring Projects, Sponsors

Inspiring Projects

Let us focus on action, not distraction – I will show you how to create encouraging projects that successlully work and are ready to copy.


To me, clean water, fertile soil and biodiversity are the basis of our health and the true treasures of the future. Our eating habits and farming methods have a lot to do with it.

The “true costs“ of industrial agrobusiness and factory farming, like environmental damage and wasting of resources, are not yet priced for the consumer. Organic products protect resources and environment, but do not get rewarded for it – and marketing funds for organic products are very limited.

Without sponsorship, even my company would not exist, I am eternally grateful for this.

Sponsorship is the key to a successful transformation of our values around health, where all participants are rewarded accordingly.

So any sponsorship you can give for projects or seminars, especially for the education of the young generation and the wonderful people who save our water, soil and environment as well as the health of our children by their art of farming and producing high quality nutrition is much appreciated.

If we do not support the transformation of farming and food production we will not have enough organic products in the future.



For health professionals, changemakers, leaders and companies.

“It is never too late, but always just about time“,

Alfred Adler

Changing eating habits is a social activity. Change takes time, habits need repetition. Including the whole team, not just a small group, and 2 years of follow up make sense.


Teachers, Changemakers, Health Professionals, Healers and Entrepreneurs -

You all know how important self care is in order to perform in these challenging times – so let us care for our listeners, too.

Are you a speaker and seminar giver? Let me help you to serve beautiful, easy to prepare and high quality brainfood for your audience – for a happy, well nourished brain learns and meditates better! Inspiring snacks and recipe cards will connect the participants and make your live event a surprising health gourmet experience to remember – much different from online events. I did so with weekend seminars for world renowned speakers.

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Andrea Jürss

Andrea Huber-Juerss

Collaboration, not Competition

After receiving my University degree in Munich I am currently based on Lake Constance, Germany, where I have lived for more than 25 years. Here I have had the honor to consult thousands of patients from all over the world, first as the head of nutrition at a renowned  Clinic for Fasting and Integrative Medicine and then as a private nutritional consultant. It was natural for me teaming up with fellow health professionals, chefs, kitchen teams, farmers, food producers, teachers and families – this is key to sustainable change.

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My motto is

“Example is leadership“
Albert Schweitzer

In a way, we are all leaders – for we are role models in our families, especially as mothers and fathers, as teachers, friends, entrepreneurs, therapists, farmers or cooks

Idealeat  is here to support your projects with the knowledge of experienced professionals and heartfelt compassion and joy.

Looking forward to connect with you.

You are welcome to contact me for collaboration and projects using the following email address.

However, please note that I no longer offer individual consulting as the focus of idealeat GmbH lies on courses, seminars and affiliate partners.

Heiligenbreite 52, 88662 Überlingen